Letters to My Abusers

What I Couldn't Say Then

Video Submission Open Call


We are looking for survivors willing to read a letter to their perpetrator on camera as well as share parts of their healing journey. 

While we would love for participants to come to New York and read their letter on camera, we are open to using some of the video submissions in the film and in some cases we will travel to participants who are selected. If you are able to travel to NY please let us know when you submit so we can arrange your shoot date if selected.


We are looking for a variety of survivors that represent diverse cultural backgrounds.  We will be selecting approximately 6 participants for this film. We are looking for male survivors,  older survivors both men and women  (65 or older), young adults whose family has openly dealt with the abuse, people of color and members of the LGBTQ community.  

 We are also open to a variety of stories and backgrounds, so if you do not fit any of the above descriptions PLEASE still submit. We are looking for survivors who have done quite a bit of healing work and are actively working through their trauma.


It is a huge leap and risk to get on camera share your story. We are specifically looking for people who have done a lot of healing work, have told their story before, have moved beyond the fear of being exposed to some extent and are in a good place in their lives with a good support system. This is not for survivors that are still in crisis, just learning how to cope with their abuse history and struggling to survive. I've been in this place and being on film would not have been good for my journey at the time.


Some guidelines:

Have someone record you or place your video camera on a tripod. You might also use an Iphone and stand. You should be holding your letter and reading it out loud. Please do not hold the camera and read your letter.  Tell us a little bit about your story, name, current age, what you do today professionally, creatively etc. Who are you today. Tell us when the abuse began and a brief description of what happened and then read your letter.

 You might want to frame yourself in the shot in this way:


You will need to record yourself reading your letter, upload to Youtube, marking it as unlisted and send the video link to sgagos@aol.com with the subject "Video Submission".  Please make sure your video is under 15 minutes or you may have to submit your video in two parts. Please also send the video submission file to my email as well. It will be uploaded to the What I Couldn't Say Then Facebook page for the film and on the Youtube channel.

If you are selected you will be contacted and we can begin to make arrangements for your trip here and schedule your shoot for the fall/winter.

I realize what a risk this is, how much courage it takes to do this. Safety and trust is paramount to us. If you are chosen, the set will be an intimate setting with just a handful of necessary people on set. You will meet us beforehand so we have a chance to get to know each other before jumping in.

I look forward to seeing your submissions. Even if you are not selected, please know how much we honor your courage in taking this step.

To get a feel for the project, here is small trailer based on day one of filming.